Designer Cupcakes

Why can't cupcakes dress up for the party too?! Whether you need Star Wars, mermaid or elegant cupcakes, we would love to craft your cupcakes to coordinate with your theme. When ordering cupcakes, they are priced per dozen.

We do ask that you to book your special event at least 30 days in advance for designer cupcakes.

Signature Cupcakes

Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for any occasion! We make our cupcakes from scratch using high-quality ingredients and a lot of love. Our cupcakes are baked to precise moistness and texture, then topped with scratch-made buttercreams, chocolates and confections. Some of our flavors include gourmet fillings to achieve the fullest experience of flavor.

Signature cupcakes can be made available on short notice. We do ask that you place an order at least 48 hours upon pickup.

Click here for a full list of flavor options!